This Is What a Resume Should Look Like

What does a CV look like?” Don’t begin writing or updating your resume without knowing the answer to this question. This post contains essential details on what to know about writing as well as effective tips that can guide you in writing.

Later, you will also learn about the things to include and to skip in your new resume.

What a Resume Should Look Like

Today, recruiters or employers spend only up to 30 seconds in reading a resume: without even saying, those that do not do well from the very beginning of the page may not grab and keep the attention of the reader. In this case, one must be wise about formatting.

Then what does a good resume look like? Before writing, select the format to use: reverse chronological, functional and hybrid resumes. The first one is for those with years of work experience in the same field; the second is for those with professional skills but do not have solid years of work experience. The last one is a combination of the two formats and is used by those who have both solid years of work experience and professional skills for the job.

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  • Headline, containing your name, email address, home address and phone or mobile number and email address
  • Career summary, including your career highlights; can be up to six lines of text or bullet points
  • Work experience must have your most recent position handled; never include those that have nothing to do with the current application
  • Education section should include your academic background, schools attended and GPA, degree
  • Skills must include relevant ones that have to do with the application
  • Transferrable skills should include skills acquired from last jobs that you think can be used in the current application (teamwork, leadership…)
  • Activities or extra-curricular

How Resume Should Look Like: Tips

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Today, job seekers may also include social media links, online portfolio and professional blog to highlight their experience and relevance for the field. They may also use tables or graphs (optional, and only if it is needed to prove statistics and numbers).

Tailor the resume based on the job application, so you have to read and understand the job advertisement and look for keywords or buzzwords that you can include in writing your CV.

Along these lines, you should use related industry words or keywords to illustrate your familiarity and knowledge of the industry. This will help the potential employer in determining your suitability to handle the job. Also, you should edit your resume and never send it without you proofreading it for grammar and spelling errors.

What to Skip

On how resume should look like, you should not include the objective section; instead, use the career highlights or summary. You should also avoid listing references, as these will only consume space. Do not submit a generic application. Avoid submitting without editing your application.

what a resume should look like
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Catchy Words

  • Assist
  • Analysis
  • Advanced
  • Contributed
  • Deliver
  • Distinguished
  • Enhance
  • Facilitate
  • Gained
  • Gave
  • Hosted
  • Lobbied
  • Maximized
  • Motivated
  • Organized
  • Oversaw
  • Pioneered
  • Presented
  • Published
  • Ranked

There you have your guide on how to come up with an impressive resume that captures the attention of potential employers and of hiring managers. Spend enough time in writing and editing your paper for the best results.

Learn more about what a resume should look like today!