What a Resume Should Look Like for a High School Student?

What a resume should look like for a high school student? Your resume has to be unique to highlight your accomplishments and skills when applying for college. If you’re looking for tips on how to come up with an impressive high school resume, then you may want to check out the tips we’ve prepared below.

What Should a Resume Look Like for a High School Student? How to Write & Tips

what a resume should look like for a highschool student
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When applying for job, a project manager should know what should a project manager resume look like. The one that will work and make you shine in their application. But what highschool student’s resume should include?

  • Personal details: This section has to include your name, mailing address, email address and mobile number or phone number.
  • Education information: This section needs to include your academic background, such as your school name, GPA..
  • Activities: This section has to contain your extra-curricular activities and volunteer works. It will highlight the things you did in and out of school. If you are a varsity player, you may write this down in your resume. Also, you can include your volunteer or community activities in this section.
  • References: This section has to include names of your teachers and coaches. You may also write your employer’s name if you have participated in a summer job or you had a part time job.

This is only a general guideline on the formatting. However, you may also want to change or modify the format based on what you want to highlight in your application. Depends on the job you want, you can also check what does its resume should include. So if you are a highschool student but also want to become a teacher, learn tips from this article and also read what should a teacher’s resume look like.

What a Resume Should Look Like for a High School Student: Tips

what a resume should look like for a highschool student
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Remember to write a stellar application; it means that you have to make sure that your paper contains no spelling, punctuation or grammar mistake. Even a single typo may ruin your application. Therefore, read your resume a couple of times to ensure it does not have any annoying English mistakes.

Your CV or resume must be easy to read. By saying this means that you may want to make use of a readable font, such as Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial. Along these lines, use between 10.5 and 12 font size for easy reading. Also, you may want to use bullets, especially in highlighting specific sections in your application.

Use the reverse chronological order in your resume by listing the most recent and most important first, ensuring that the most vital details can be easily located at the top portion of your resume. You can also write by leadership, by time commitment or by type (community service, school-based activities, work experience….).

Catchy Words

what should a resume look like for a highschool student
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  • Awarded
  • Received
  • Joined
  • Participated
  • Hosted
  • Led
  • Supervised
  • Worked with
  • Wrote
  • Accomplished
  • Aced
  • Honored
  • Listed
  • Given
  • Provided
  • Played

What to Avoid

  • Telling a lie; claiming things that you don’t have a credit for
  • Using jargons or technical terms
  • Using a colorful paper
  • Using different fonts in the application
  • Not proofreading/editing
  • Consuming more than a page for the CV

There you have the things to know about your resume for high school. Do not miss these tips so that you can come up with an impressive college application. Work on a couple of resumes and choose the one which best represents and highlights your skills and achievements.

Learn more tips on what a resume should look like for a highschool student today!