What Does a CV Look Like in 2016?

Today’s job application has become more dynamic and demands from employers soar than how they did in the past. Many of them become stricter in screening their applicants; in fact, many have started embracing technology, such as using applicant tracking systems and social media. With all the trends and updates in the job application sphere, applicants have to step their games up and create a stellar content to shine among the rest—this is the exact reason you’re going to discover what does a professional resume look like on this page

Formatting: What Should a CV Look Like?

what does a cv look like
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  • Personal details, such as your name, mailing address, mobile number and email address
  • Education with expected or most recent degree; include majors, date of graduation and schools
  • Thesis or dissertation
  • Honors, awards, scholarships, fellowships
  • Work experience—divide this part into consulting, research experience, teaching experience…
  • Publications, conferences, exhibits, invited papers
  • Research interests, teaching…
  • Academic service
  • Professional affiliations, memberships
  • Languages

Tips On What Should a CV Look Like

what does a cv look like
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Above is a general sample of a CV. You may modify based on your industry, field or professional experience. One of the main tips to know on what a good resume looks like is to remember not to begin writing your resume unless you have fully understood the job description or requirements as posted in the job advertisement. By reading and understanding, you will gain a better insight on what to include, such as the words that you can write in your application. This can show that you have a keen interest and that you did a research of the job posting and about the company—that is quite impressive on the part of the employer.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Using a generic application: Tailor your CV based on the job advertisement to show that you have fully understood the requirements of the job and of the company.
  • Sending a poorly written resume with grammar and spelling errors
  • Using the wrong format: See to it that you choose from the existing formats, such as chronological, functional or combined. Use the first if you have continuous work experience; the next if you are changing careers, have been terminated at least once or if you want to highlight professional skills and not work history
  • Choosing the wrong template: It may be tempting to use just about any creative formats or templates out there. However, you should avoid it if you are not in the creative industry or graphic design, or something similar.
  • Writing with the objective section: Ditch it and replace it with the career summary section. What makes this more useful is that it gives a quick glimpse on the kind of professional you are right from the very beginning. After all, the most significant details in your CV must be on its top portion.

Catchy Words to Include

what should a cv look like
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  • Advanced
  • Committed
  • Coordinated
  • Evaluate
  • Generated
  • Gave
  • Implemented
  • Influenced
  • Launched
  • Marketed
  • Modernized
  • Observed
  • Organized
  • Oversaw
  • Pioneered
  • Promoted
  • Provided
  • Quantified
  • Redesigned
  • Secured
  • Spearheaded
  • Structured
  • Trained
  • Wrote

There you have what to know about writing your CV to make it work for you—sell and market you to the employer in the best manner as possible.

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