What Does a Dissertation Look Like?

For many college students who are looking to write a thesis statement, they’re finding information and tips on what does a thesis statement look like. Same with a good dissertation. If you’re on the same boat, you may find the following tips on how to write and things to skip in your paper.

What Does A Dissertation Looks Like: Effective Tips & Ways in Writing a Dissertation

what does a dissertation look likeBefore completing their education, students are required to submit a thesis statement. So they know what does a thesis look like. And what about a dissertation? Before writing one, make sure to brainstorm on a topic; it must be interesting. Choose one that relates to your study. You may also want to consult your supervision for tips and scope of the paper. You also need to include planning and research in the process of coming up with your paper. To keep yourself away from trouble of not beating deadline, see to it that you set a timetable, which you are going to stick with. Remember that you need research materials, replies to surveys and questionnaires and lots of readings.

  • Write using an academic style. Do not use contractions, slang and colloquialism. You should also avoid vagueness and phrasal verbs. Write in a simple but formal language; avoid the use of over-formal vocabulary. You main goal is to help your readers understand your points in the best manner as possible.
  • Do not write using too personal language, such as “I”. You may only use it to state or highlight something that you really or actually did yourself. You may also use it when stating your opinion in the conclusion. Don’t also use the pronouns, ‘he, she, her, his….’ You can avoid using them by using a plural subject as much as possible. Don’t undermine your paper due to lack of time and poor results. This is not the right way to conclude your work where you had spent your effort and time. Appreciate your paper and stay positive, no matter what. You should learn how to analyze problems objectively. Remember, all types of research have its weakness.
  • Your sentences must be well-developed, but they should not be long. You can make use of phrases or linking words in guiding readers in your paper. See to it that all figures are blended well into your texts and that they are well-referred to. Finally, give credit to your sources.

what should a dissertation look like

What Should A Dissertation Look Like: Components

  • Title page
  • Abstract (summary)
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of contents (with sections, chapters…)
  • Table of figures (if needed)
  • Introduction
  • Main body or discussion
  • Findings/conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

what does a dissertation look like

What to Skip

  • Footnotes (except when making use of numerical referencing system)
  • Avoid using typeface (bold…)
  • Do not use ‘etc.’
  • Do not use many brackets
  • Never refer yourself as ‘we.’

There you have what should a dissertation look like. Generally, you should write in an academic style, understandable sentences, non-sexist language and concise wording. You should also allot enough time and effort for the paper. Finally, edit it and be ready applying some revisions when needed. You may even have to make major revisions when required. Nevertheless, appreciate yourself for the hard work and stay positive no matter what weakness you found in your research.

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