What Does a Good CV Look Like? Follow These Tips to Know It

Before applying to any job, you may want to consider updating or tailoring your resume based on the application you are making. This is the exact same reason you may want to learn, “What does a good CV look like?” Read on and discover the most recent trends on how to create a professional looking CV that catches the attention of the potential employer and holds him until the end of the paper.

How to Write a CV

Writing your CV is one of the most crucial aspects of the job application, as it is the first one that the employer sees or reads to learn about your experience, skills and overall suitability for the position (screening). Therefore, you should do well in your CV in order to highlight that you are indeed one of the most ideal applicants to handle the job and definitely one of the best candidates that they have to call for an interview. But don’t start without knowing what a resume should look like for a highschool student or for anyone else.

what does a good cv look like
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What a Good CV Looks Like? The Parts

  • Personal information (name, home address, mobile number or phone number, professional email address)
  • Education
  • Thesis
  • Honors
  • Awards
  • Research experience
  • Teaching experience
  • Publications
  • Presentations (Workshop presentations…)
  • General experience
  • International experience
  • Professional affiliations
  • References

What Does a Good CV Look Like? Tips for an Effective CV

What does a freshman resume should look like? What does a teacher resume should look like? The format above is only a guide, but you may want to change or adjust the headings based on your career experience and on the aspect of your application that you want to highlight. There are also other headings or sections to include in your resume and some of them are as follows

  • Areas of expertise
  • Languages
  • Faculty leadership
  • Professional activities
  • Research interests
  • Teaching interests
  • Departmental leadership
  • Committee leadership
  • Professional competencies
  • Faculty leadership

What to Include

what does a good cv look like
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Write your contact details at the top of your resume so that you can be easily contacted if the hiring manager decides to include you in the shortlist of candidates that they want to talk with for an interview. Ensure your contact details are updated, which is why it is well advised that you keep your resume fresh and tailored for every application you are making.

Write a personal or career statement. This is your chance to tell more about yourself on a professional level. It is called the career summary, a short section revealing of your professional achievements, showing how effective you are in handling the job. This can also include a short list of the accomplishments to prove that you helped your previous company grow because of your major contributions, including increasing their sales by 20% in one year and so on… You can use a paragraph form, up to six lines, or a bullet list for this.

What to Skip

  • Objective section
  • Reference section
  • Colorful font
  • Lengthy resume

Catchy Words

what a good cv looks like
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  • Coordinated
  • Fulfilled
  • Forecasted
  • Generated
  • Hosted
  • Maintained
  • Marketed
  • Operated
  • Prepared
  • Published
  • Received
  • Redesigned
  • Reorganized
  • Revised
  • Secure
  • Standardized
  • Suggested
  • Tested
  • Upgraded
  • Wrote

If you want to come up with an impressive CV, do not skip the tips we’ve shared in today’s post. Finally, remember editing your resume or CV prior to sending or handing it out to ensure it contains no annoying typos.

Learn more about what a good CV looks like today!