What Does a Thesis Look Like?

There are many papers that you have to submit during your college education. For example a research paper so you have to know what does a good research paper look like. One of the most important is a thesis. It is a lengthy paper of research that discusses a specific topic with supporting evidence to prove the thesis statement or the main story elaborated in the paper. To get started, however, you need to know, “What does a thesis look like? This will help and guide you in the entire process of writing your paper, along with the tips and things to include and skip on it. Check out below for needed information.

How to Write & Tips to Know

what does a thesis look like

You will need an outline composed of the chapter headings, subheadings and figure titles. There will also be some comments and notes. It is the structure of your paper, so give it enough effort and time and be ready to consult your thesis advisor once you’re done with it. Begin writing your first draft once you have completed your initial readings. Spend enough time on this stage, but don’t edit yet. Leave your paper as it is and edit when completed.

Have only one topic to discuss in your paper. In this case, you should have your thesis statement ready and be able to discuss only what you have stated on it with supporting ideas or details that will prove your study is correct. See to it that you have a clear structure to follow from the start and make sure that you are going to prove the point you have stated in your thesis statement.

Think of your readers when writing. Make short sentences and avoid phrasal verbs as much as possible. Be prepared to editing your first draft multiple times, until you reached perfection. You may also use APA format, if you know what does an apa format look like.

What Does A Thesis Look Like: Tips

what does a thesis look like

  • Make a back up of your files. Copy them in different locations to avoid the frustration of losing your paper when the file system you are using encounters a problem.
  • Make notes.
  • Organize your files.
  • Have a timetable to follow. You should set mini and realistic deadlines to avoid rushing your paper.
  • Create abstract texts of the articles or journals you have read.
  • Only include bibliography or literature readings that you have actually read.

What Does A Good Thesis Look Like: Components

what does a good thesis look like

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • List of illustrations, tables and figures
  • Abstract or summary
  • Notation
  • Statement of authorship
  • Acknowledgements

Thesis text

  • Introduction is a clear statement of the problem or topic under study or investigation. It provides general research context. Sometimes, it gives methodology details and background of the study.
  • Literature Review
  • Chapters
  • Recommendations and conclusions
  • Bibliography, references
  • Appendices

What to Skip

Avoid confusing them with jargons or technical terms. Write in the simplest but formal language as possible. Do not also use colloquialism and slang in your paper.

There you have the best ways on writing and some tips to follow for a great thesis. Overall, spend enough time and effort in the research,, set mini deadlines and ask help from peers and your advisor for any problems. Finally, edit your paper a couple of times for the best results.

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