What Does a Thesis Statement Look Like?

Before completing their education, students are required to submit many works. So they have to know, for example, what does a research paper look like. Students also have to submit a thesis statement. However, the problem boils down as to how to write a good one, especially if you’re not a writer. If you’re in the same situation and now looking for information on how to write one and what to include, see this post and learn what does a thesis statement look like.

What a Good Thesis Statement Looks Like: How to Write & Tips

what does a thesis statement look like


Your essay must contain a thesis statement, the central idea of your piece. Without it, your paper won’t have any direction. Choose a topic and formulate a thesis statement, a clear and precise thesis statement that has been narrowed down through brainstorming, if the topic isn’t provided by your professor. Now even if the writing assignment isn’t asking a question, you still have to discuss your stand or answer a question about the issue on hand. So your main job here is to choose what question to write about.

To answer the question, “What a good thesis statement looks like,” it is good to note that it is actually the main idea of your paper. It can be a subject wherein people won’t agree about. What is important is that you assert your conclusion about it and that you can provide good point to convince people that you are indeed correct or agreeable.

What Does A Good Thesis Statement Look Like: Tips

what does a thesis statement look like

Know what kind of paper you’re writing and then based write on the rules of it. For instance, remember that an argumentative paper claims a stand about a topic and supports it with proof. It could be a policy proposal or a cause-and-effect statement. Its main goal is to convince the readers that your claim is true on which the evidence is pointing to. It must be specific and should be only about what you are going to elaborate in the paper. It must be supported with evidence. The thesis statement normally appears in the last sentence of your first paragraph, but it may also appear in other parts of the introduction, depending on the flow of your paper. The topic can still change while writing. In this case, you may have to revise the thesis statement so that it is in agreement to the entire paper.

What to Include: The Characteristics of a Good Thesis Statement

  • It deals with the topic with precision and adequate treatment given its nature
  • It expresses a single idea.
  • It takes on a subject that even reasonable readers couldn’t agree.
  • It asserts your stand about the subject.

what a good thesis statement looks like


What to Skip

  • Vague language
  • Wordiness
  • Long sentence

In writing the thesis statement, the main rule of thumb is to determine what your stand about a subject or topic. This is the central story that you have to support with evidence through your resource materials or references. The statement has to reflect what the entire thesis is all about.

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