What Should a Marketing Resume Look Like?

How resume should look like? If you want to become successful in your application as a marketing professional, you have to look into an impressive resume. It is an important piece of document that serves as your first marketing weapon to use in capturing the attention of the potential employer and in making him interested in inviting you for a job interview. In today’s post, you will learn of the best tips that will make an effective application.

What Does a Good Marketing Resume Look Like?

what should a marketing resume look like
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  • Contact information must include your name, home or permanent address, phone number and email address. This is for the employer to see these details easily when you are shortlisted for the interview.
  • Profile summary is also called the career summary section, which illustrates your most competent skills that you think are most necessary to become effective in the role. It can be in a bullet form or a short paragraph form. An example: A competent marketer with knowledge in business development, brand management and recruitment…”
  • Areas of expertise section are the part of the CV where to include your most relevant skills for the position. A few examples: managing marketing duties, developing marketing campaigns and strategies, supervising a team composed of 30 members and monitoring their sales”
  • Organization experience (*Optional): This is where to include any experience you have about organization. Example: Worked as the recruitment and marketing manager for ABC Company in 2009.
  • Key result areas section: This is the part where to list down your most important roles in previous companies and results you had helped them achieved.
  • Highlights section is where to write down your most significant accomplishments as a marketing professional. The items listed must be supported with statistics and figures that will quantify your claims.
  • Academic details section is the part where you should highlight your educational background including school names, GPA and awards, honors or scholarships received.
  • Personal details should include language skills, date of birth and home address

What Should A Marketing Resume Look Like: Tips for Success

what does a good marketing resume look like
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Use a professional format. Choose from the most commonly used ones, including chronological, functional or combined format. The first is used by job seekers with solid years of professional experience, while the second is by those who are changing careers or have been terminated at least once. The last one is advised for those who have both the solid years of professional work experience and skills that highlight their familiarity of the job and know what should a cv look like. Also, focus on a professional looking layout. You can choose from a one-column or a two-column layout for organization.

What to Avoid

  • Typos
  • Unprofessional email address
  • Using colorful fonts
  • Not proofreading the paper

Catchy Words

what should a marketing resume look like
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  • Analysis
  • Accomplished
  • Conduct
  • Committed
  • Coordinated
  • Deliver
  • Diversified
  • Earned
  • Formulate
  • Generated
  • Launched
  • Maintained
  • Marketed
  • Pioneered
  • Planned
  • Quantified
  • Recommended
  • Selected
  • Specified
  • Strengthened
  • Trained
  • Validated
  • Valued

These are the tips and tricks to follow for an effective resume for marketing professionals. Know what to include and what to remove for the best results.

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